ICMR - National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research


In order to have the smooth functioning and complete computerization in the Institute the Local Area Network system was installed in the Institute. The installation of LAN, optical fiber Connection, server, PC, router, installation of Antivirus Software, configuration of E-mail accounts was done. Now LAN system is fully operational in the Institute. Implemented the high-speed information network- National knowledge Network (NKN) which will connect the approved institutions of higher learning across the country. Facilitating an ultra high speed backbone for e-Goverence. National Informatics Centre (NIC) has been appointed as the implemented agency for the network. Every scientist in the institute has the access to the Internet to keep abreast with the latest scientific information and technological developments happening in their research field. Institute has a large number of computers connected through intra-network. The institute also provides the internet facility to the students. Besides this, the network facility is used to share resources (files, printers, data, etc.). The facility is increasing the overall productivity, scientific management and administration.

Central Computation also conducts several training programs to use statistical software packages such as SPSS, EPIINFO, and SX. Every year conducting the workshop on Application of statistical softwares in Medical Research. While conducting the workshop we are disseminating our knowledge to the medical students, Ph.D students and other researchers regarding importance of Biostatistical methods and related softwares to get significance of their studies. Central Computation also offers consultancy to faculty members, staff and students of MAMC and other institutes for their M.D., Ph.D. degree.

Last updated on 11 October, 2019