Smokeless Tobacco Certificate Course Study Material

Online Certificate Course on Smokeless Tobacco Study Material

Sessions Topic Presentation
Session 1 (3 May, 2019) SLT epidemic and control 1: Historical background of the global tobacco epidemic and tobacco control efforts : by Dr. Mark Parascandola
2: SLT epidemic in SEAR and other developing countries: By Dr. Dhirendra N Sinha

Important Study Material Useful Links
1: The Convention
2: The guidelines
3: The COP decisions
4: The latest global report on progress in implementation of the FCTC (covering both demand and supply side measures)
5: News and information about the implementation of the FCTC
6: How to address tobacco industry interference? (best practices)
7: Impact assessment of the FCTC
8: Smokeless Tobacco and Public Health: A Global Perspective
9: Monograph 21: The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control
10: Tobacco Control Monograph Series
Session 2 (10 May, 2019) Adverse health effects of SLT 1: Myriad products multiple cancers: the health burden and dependence /Other diseases : By Dr. Manu Mathur

2: Variety of products, their contents and constituents (Article 9 & 10) : By Dr. Irina Stepanov
Session 3 (17 May, 2019) Monitoring Smokeless Tobacco (SLT) control efforts and surveillance 1: Monitoring SLT control efforts and surveillance: By Ms. Heena Ollila

2: SLT surveillance experiences from India: Dr. Ravi Kaushik
Session 4 (24 May, 2019) SLT and oral premalignant conditions SLT and oral premalignant conditions: By Dr. Zohaib Khan
Session 5 (31 May, 2019) Non-Cigarette Products and Dual Use Burden: Challenges and Opportunities Non-cigarette products and Dual use burden: challenges and opportunities: By Dr. Ghazi Zaatari
Session 6 (7 June, 2019) Tobacco Cessation Strategies for Smokeless Tobacco Users (Article 14) Introduction to tobacco cessation – The fundamentals and Challenges and opportunities for SLT Cessation: By Prof. Pratima Murthy
Session 7 (14 June, 2019) FCTC & MPOWER 1. Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and SLT- By Dr. Tibor Szilagyi & Mr. Dominique
2. Implementing MPOWER Strategies for SLT control- By Ms. Gemma Vestal & Ms. Marine Perraudin
Session 8 (21 June, 2019) BAN- Tobacco Advertisement Promotion & Sponsorship(TAPS) Article-13 1. Leaking TAPS - The scenario in the Southeast Asia Region -By Dr. Suneela Garg
Session 9 (28 June, 2019) Protection of minors (Article 16) 1. SLT use – the gateway to addiction for minors -By Dr. Amit Yadav
Session 10 (5 July, 2019) Smokeless Tobacco Industry(Article 5.3) 1. Protecting tobacco control policies from the tobacco industry and
2. Tackling tobacco industry interference in implementing SLT policies -By Dr. Mary Assunta Kolandai
Session 11 (12 July, 2019) Laws, Policies and Litigation on SLT (Article 19) 1: Strengthening SLT control – the opportunities under existing domestic and FCTC framework
2: Liability of tobacco industry - Global experiences and lessons for SLT control - By Dr. Amit Yadav
Session 12 (19 July, 2019) Role of Health Professionals and Research Institutes in SLT Control 1: Integrating SLT control in other health streams - By Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Session 13 (26 July, 2019) Warning Labels, Strategic Communication and Mass Media role in SLT Control 1: Warning Labels, Strategic Communication and Mass Media Role in SLT Control - By Dr. Sonu Goel
Session 14 (2 August, 2019) Taxation and Economics (Article 6) Taxation and Economics of Smokeless Tobacco Products- by Dr. Rijo M. John,
Session 15 (9 August, 2019) Packaging and Labeling of SLT products Packaging and Labeling of SLT products- by Prof. Ravi Mehrotra