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10th Hands-on Workshop on Cervical Cancer Screening for Pathologists

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The Division of Cytopathology, ICMR-NICPR organized the 10th Hands-on Workshop on Cervical Cancer Screening for Pathologists (under the aegis of IAC) from 4 th till 6 th March 2020. The workshop was attended by 37 delegates from across the country. 

The workshop included didactics by renowed faculty in the field of cytology covering the inflammatory as well as the neoplastic pathologies of uterine cervix. Sessions on HPV diagnostics and vaccination and emerging biomarkers were also organized. The participants had hands-on experience on HPV detection and cervical cytology slide viewing. A low-cost technique for preparation of liquid based cytology smears was demonstrated to the participants.

Last updated on 11 October, 2019