ICMR - National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research

Training workshop for Medical officers conducted on 25th Feb -27 th Feb

50 medical officers from different states attended 3-days hands-on workshop for" SCREENING FOR COMMON CANCERS" on 25-27 FEB 2020,at NICPR, Noida funded by Department of Health Research(DHR) The workshop consisted of quick recap of all the theory that was covered under the online training, followed by hands-on training in cervical cancer screening (VIA, thermo and cryotherapy, colposcopy etc), breast cancer screening (Self breast examination and clinical breast examination) and oral cancer screening (oral visual examination and tobacco cessation clinic).One session to dedicated to infection control. The workshop also held group activities to assist the participants in strategic implementation of population-based cancer screening. With regards to this, a session was held on how to mobilize resources from various arms of the Health System, in order to roll-out uninterrupted cancer screening as well as familiarizing with the Medical Officers portal of the NCD application to ensure the importance and accuracy of data collection. Apart from this a skills-assessment was held to ensure that all the participants were confident in implementing a comprehensive population based cancer screening at their health facilities.   

Last updated on 11 October, 2019