ICMR - National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research


by Mehrotra Ravi (Ed.) 2013.

Oral Cytology: A Concise Guide

by MA II(Ed.) 2010.

Psychology for Nurses

by A.Indrayan & L.Satyanarayana,2006

Biostatistics for Medical, Nursing & Pharmacy students

By Singh Veena, 2009

Atlas on Colposcopy for Medical Doctors

by Sinha Veena & Ashok Sehgal, 2002

Control of Cervical Cancer, A manual for visual inspection of cervix

by Suresh Bhanbani II(Ed.), 2007.

Gynaecological Cytopathology Cervic with Clinical & Aspects

by Academia Press,Delhi, 2004

Socialogy for Nurses

Last updated on 11 October, 2019